The Garden

Welcome to these woodland gardens where Rhododendrons have been introduced as the main exotic plant, complemented by Azaleas,  Mollis Azaleas and many deciduous trees, planted under the Australian bush. It is a garden unique in the world – no other garden has attempted to plant exotics underneath their existing native bush on such a large scale.

Visitors to the Gardens are reminded that the flowering season for Rhododendrons is September, October and November but the peak period is the end of October and early November; Mollis Azaleas are a  special feature at this time. There is a Lodge in the Gardens which is open for Aussie Cream Teas from early October to early November – the best Cream Teas in the Blue Mountains!

The Garden is also a delight in Autumn, when so many deciduous trees look their best during April and May. There is a wonderful Conifer Garden – the walk is definitely worth the reward.

You are invited to enjoy the many lovely walks and the amenities available.

We look forward to your donation. There is a box provided at the booth near the parking area. These Gardens are maintained from the money visitors donate plus members’ subscriptions and support from many fine citizens and local Clubs and Societies. No government money is spent on the Gardens.

A feature of the Garden is the beautiful Natural Fern Glades and the abundance of Native Flora which we proudly protect for future generations to enjoy.

Please protect our Garden and native Flora  and Fauna by being tidy and keeping to the walking tracks.

Dogs must be on leashes, and please clean up after them.

We ask you to abide by the rules of the Garden Committee and that you appreciate the fact that all the work is voluntary by members of the society.

Our Location

Map of Blackheath