Your Wedding – Information

The Gardens are an extremely popular venue for small weddings (up to 100 guests) and post-wedding photos. Book by using this downloadable form. Garden Wedding hire is $200 payable at time of your booking being accepted. Print out the form, fill it in and send to the Secretary. When confirmed, we will give you bank details for the direct debit payment. It is our pleasure to make your chosen area neat and tidy for your wedding.

The entrance to the Gardens is in Bacchante Street, Blackheath. The car park area is fully sealed with generous parking for approximately 40 cars. Additional parking is available outside the main gate. The service road into the valley is not sealed and has restricted access. It can be opened (by a Gardens’ volunteer) to allow the wedding car and disabled guests to drive down but NOT general guests. This must be organised with the Secretary.

Note that there is an influx of visitors to the Gardens during our ‘Open Days’ in October/November. This limits available parking so you should take this into consideration when planning your date. Please contact the Secretary for more information.

Our Garden – Information

The recommended Wedding areas are shown:

Photo courtesy of Krystal Dempsey, Clarity Photography

1.       Pryor Bridge Area – apr 20 guests
2.       Bob McCullough Bridge – apr 60 – 70 guests

3/3a. Garden Shelter and Valley Area – apr 100 guests

4.       Gazebo Top Garden Area – apr 12 guests
5.       Lakeside Lookout – Photos Only
6.       Below the Lake – apr 50 guests

You can choose any spot in the Gardens you would like, providing that it is a safe location for the wedding party and your guests.

The garden volunteers will groom the selected wedding area during their regular working bee on the Monday preceding the date of the wedding.The organisers of the wedding are responsible for the removal of any rubbish generated by the occasion.

Applicants are reminded that the Gardens are open public space to pedestrians at all times. The vehicle entrance gates are opened at 9am and closed at 4pm daily, but adjustments to these times for the wedding guests is possible.

The Gardens have a series of nature walks leading to the valley floor and the lake with limited disabled access. However, it has many tranquil areas that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The most colourful months are:
April-May: spectacular autumn displays from deciduous trees followed by camellias.
September-October: spring blossoms and massed bulbs displays.
October-November: peak blooming time for rhododendrons and azaleas.

Due to its lack of facilities, The Lodge is not available for hire and would only be opened as a shelter from inclement weather. 

Photo courtesy of Krystal Dempsey, Clarity Photography