News – 13th July 2010

Now that we are live on the Internet, this News area should be updated every fortnight. This is in addition to the bi-monthly newsletter which is available to members via the ‘Members’ page.

News – 19th June 2010

The June general meeting of the Society was held at The Lodge, after members had partaken of a lunch of soup and crusty bread – a usual happening at the Winter meeting, to combat the cool Blue Mountains weather.

Over 30 members were present to hear Peta Trahar give a powerpoint presentation on  “How Creative Gardeners Overcome Challenging Conditions”  – a talk that was very well received by all those present.  Peta is the convenor of the Collectors’ Plant Fair ( now in planning for its 7th year.

News – 26th June 2010

Signage within the Gardens is proceeding apace, with more engraved plant labels being produced weekly. This large project, with well over 2000 labels required, will involve a number of the volunteers for well over a year. The object of the exercise is to provide more information to the many visitors throughout the year, especially when the rhododendrons are in bloom  – the most commonly asked question for the  volunteers is “what is the name of that very red rhododendron over there” (with a vague wave of the hand in an uncertain direction!).