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(1) Construction of the lake commenced in December 1971, with a donation from the Blackheath Festival Committee. With this work completed and the lake full of water, the first official function was held on the 23rd September 1972 when nine “White Pearl” (2) rhododendrons were planted.

(3) Possibly the most photographed feature in the valley is the stone bridge, built by (the late) Bob McCullough in 1974. This attraction has proved to be a great backdrop for photographs of wedding parties.

(4) The “Centenary Walk” was established and opened on 23rd March 1985 to commemorate the centenary of the Proclamation of the Gazettal of the Village of Blackheath and the centennial year of the Blackheath Public School. 134 rhododendrons were planted along each side of the walk and recorded in the names of many of the older residents.

(5) The “Dr. A.L. North Conifer Garden”, an area for growing many different types of conifers, was established in 1984.

(6) Wheelchair accessible lookout.

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