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Update on the Lake repair – November 2019

2019 fixing lake-02_WEB

Water Channel While we are waiting to decide what tube/pipe etc. to use on the channel below the lily pond, we have done the couple of localised repairs to the …

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Garden Report March/April 2019


Dick has asked that a quick summary of Monday workers activities be written on his behalf. WATERING, WATERING & more WATERING This has been happening since before December BUT miraculously …

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Fundraising Goals

A great deal of progress has been achieved by the MonVols through autumn, winter and spring , and many new Rhododendrons have been planted. The Rhodo blooms have been glorious through this 2020 season.


The damage and devastation from the 2019 fire was initially overwhelming, so at our first Management Committee meeting in January 2020, a FIVE-POINT PLAN was developed to enable us to restore the Gardens in an efficient way:

  1.  On-going maintenance
  2.  Safety Management
  3.  Drought Recovery
  4.  Lake Restoration
  5.  Fire Recovery


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