A 'Festival Extra' production:  FRIDAY 16th July 2021 at 7:30pm in Phillips Hall

Nigel Westlake and LIOR's glorious collaboration, 'COMPASSION'.
Performed by LIOR & Tinalley String Quartet and guest artists (see details).
There is only one performance, so book now.
Tickets are subject to GST, and a small booking fee, which is donated in full to give disadvantaged indigenous students a better start.
N.B. Doors open 30 minutes before the performance starts. Latecomers will be admitted only if there is a suitable break, and will be seated in a designated area at the back.
Should you have special needs or requests, please go to CONTACT

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LIOR & TINALLEY STRING QUARTET and guests artists perform ‘COMPASSION’—Nigel Westlake and Lior’s Aria award-winning collaboration

HEARTBREAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL: a 'Festival Extra' production in July, presented in association with Musica Viva Australia.  Together, Nigel Westlake and LIOR have collaborated to create a symphony of songs of love, loss and compassion that unites the soulful beauty of Lior’s...
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