When is the best time to visit the Gardens?

The Rhododendrons and Azaleas are at their best from early-October to late-November, but there is always something beautiful to see all year round.

Are the Gardens wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most of the main paths are accessible.

Are the tea rooms wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Rhodo Tea Room doors are accessible, but not for extra-large wheelchairs.

Is there parking at the Gardens?

Yes, there is parking in the Gardens, just beyond the Donation Booth. There is extra parking outside the gates and plenty of space along Bacchante Street.

What are the opening hours of the tea rooms?

During the six Open Weeks ONLY,  the Rhodo Tea Room is open between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. NB: last orders are taken at 3.30 pm

On Rhododendron Festival Day, what is the best way to get to the Gardens?

By shuttle bus from the Blackheath station or town centre. Otherwise drive or stroll.

What is your entry fee?

The Gardens’ maintenance and preservation relies solely on generous donations and bequests. We have no entry fee, but most guests usually donate a minimum of $5.

How much are the Devonshire Teas?

A coffee/tea plus a scone with jam & cream costs $7.00. We offer a variety of other refreshments—but not lunch, and no take-aways.

Are there guided tours?

No, but we have a brochure with ‘interesting facts’ and a clear map, with distances noted. The paths are easy to navigate.

Are there picnic areas in the Gardens?

Yes, several. There are shelters and benches in the valley, but you are welcome to spread a rug for your picnic on the large grassy areas. Also, near the carpark, there are picnic tables with benches and there is a pergola just above the entrance Donations Booth.

What we are working on now?

We have a water-course leak, so our MAJOR task is to restore our lake.  It's a massive project for our volunteers--and expensive--so we would really appreciate your generous donation...or advice if this is your area of expertise.

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