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Bequests are conceivably the most selfless blessing you can give. They empower you to make an enduring tribute that mirrors your passion and interests. Our identity today is just gratitude to past generations who likewise cherished the Gardens.

All endowments, large and small have an enduring effect on ensuring our plants and your gardens live on.

For enquiries or to learn more about leaving a gift in your Will, please complete our form.

What we are working on now

Since the 2019 fires, we have a great deal of major restoration work ahead.  It's called the FIVE-POINT-PLAN.  We recognise this is a perfect opportunity to rethink and revamp parts of the Gardens.  However, the project is a massive undertaking for our faithful volunteers—and expensive—so we would appreciate your generous donations, and/or you also could join our volunteers, the MonVols. 

Just arrive on a Monday morning and we'll find you a task.  Hope to see you soon.

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