Update on the Lake repair – November 2019

Water Channel

While we are waiting to decide what tube/pipe etc. to use on the channel below the lily pond, we have done the couple of localised repairs to the known trouble spots where we were losing water above the silt trap. These have been rectified by smoothing over the rocky drops with soil and gravel and covering with some of the plastic liner left over from the lining of the silt trap. Some rock barriers were put in to slow the water flow over the steeper sections.

We now consider that the mechanical reshaping and the planting of the water course will involve too big a disruption to the channel and surrounds, and too much expense, for so little benefit. We don’t believe these earthworks will result in any greater flow of water to the lake.

We should also be aware that the swamp has water flowing through it from other different sources and what we propose to do in the channel should, in no way, interfere with this.

Silt Trap

Some time ago, we sought expert advise, and it was recommended that we cover the exposed plastic around the silt trap with some geo-textile fabric, both to protect the plastic from exposure to U.V. radiation and to encourage ferns etc. to colonise over the fabric and so soften the edges. We have now started to do this as it seems an excellent suggestion.
Geoff Cannings
Project Manager

This is what the Lake used to be like.
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