Garden Report March/April 2019

Dick has asked that a quick summary of Monday workers activities be written on his behalf.


This has been happening since before December BUT miraculously the skies have opened and we’ve had heaps of rain in the last few days, hopefully, some is going into the Lake.

Speaking of the Lake much work is being done on the whole drainage system through the Gardens. We have a drain that comes from Wentworth Street down through the Gardens, through a silt trap, the lily ponds and on to the Lake.


Something has changed and now only a small amount of water goes into the Lake. We have several people who know about water systems and engineering helping us, including someone from BMCC who will visit later in March. The Management Committee will follow the recommendations made by these people as we must have our Lake full again by Springtime. Thanks to Dick and Geoff who have put many hours into solving this problem.  Recently a whole Monday was spent splitting & cutting up the large slabs of wood left by the very good tree fellers who took down the suspect tree above the Lookout. A huge job for Monday workers. Many thanks to them for their efforts.

All looks tidy again around the Lookout area and we can all feel safe when admiring the view.


Other work carried out in the Gardens is lawn mowing, general tidying & the ongoing, never-ending, removal of dodder from Rhodos and azaleas, removal of dead wood and keeping tracks clear for the safety of our visitors.

It’s a fine balance to keep a natural look and maintain a safe place for people to enjoy.   

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