Garden Report May 2019

There is not a lot to report Garden wise and most of what has been done or needs to be done will be in the project report.

The plastic bottles have been prepared for watering the new plantings and some have been put in.

We have lost a few plants up in the Protea area and the two waterers have told me they think it is too wet up there from recent rain.

I have taken some dead wood out of Banksias on the zigzag path that posed a danger as they had been pruned some years ago with dead branches sticking out onto the path.

The Bob Baker walk has had some work done clearing up the edges so people walk more easily and trip hazards are reduced. I have continued with weed spraying in various areas & lots of Dodder has been removed from Azaleas beside the zigzag track and Rhodos along the Centenary Walk.

The latter had to be pruned heavily to remove the Dodder. It has also been removed from Maples along the Maple Walk and Volunteers Way.

I think we should make an effort before we get too close to our Lodge Open Days to put out as many native plant labels as possible particularly in the areas most frequented by our visitors.

Hopefully, under Geoff’s supervision, we will see more water flowing into the Lake. Then we can spread more sealant to make sure all leaks are sealed. I also want to plant a weeping Cherry tree in front of the tree stump near the Lookout and will start preparing for this shortly. We have, of course, kept the paths etc around the Lodge, in & out drive, parking areas etc as tidy as possible.

There is quite a good flower bud set again and we can look forward to a great spring. 

Dick Harris Garden Supervisor.  

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