Projects Report March/April 2019


Since the recent vandalism in the Gardens, the Committee agreed that security screen doors on the Lodge would be a good deterrent against possible damage here.

The quote from Springwood Trading was accepted and the two screen doors at the front of the lodge will be replaced next week.

upgrading signs

The “Members Native Walk” sign and the “President’s Row” sign had weathered rather badly and were difficult to read and so we have asked The Blackheath Area Men’s Shed to recondition these for us. They will sand the surface and paint the signs in the cream with green lettering the same as other signs in the Gardens, all for costs plus a nominal fee.


We are still working on getting a suitable water proof liner for the silt trap as we have had advice that this will help improve water flow to the lake. We will also be working on the water course up stream from here as well.

We are hopeful of getting advice from the Council’s Watercourse Manager and possibly supply of materials such as rock for lining the creek to improve flow and prevent erosion. The member from Council is prepared to meet us on-site in a few weeks time to discuss further options.

This will be an ongoing project in future months with most of the work being done by volunteers.

Geoff Cannings

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