Campbell Rhododendron Gardens

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Summer warmth, blue skies and a picnic lunch on soft green grass in dappled shade.  This paradise, the Campbell Rhododendron Gardens, beckons. 

Escape the smoke in Sydney and visit us in Blackheath.

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A 'must visit' site in the Blue Mountains.

The Campbell Rhododendron Gardens in Blackheath are one of the Blue Mountains' most favourite venues where, uniquely, Azalea and Rhododendrons are planted amongst the native eucalypts and bushland. Although the Rhododendron blooms are at their spectacular best in spring, the Gardens are picturesque and beautiful all year round.

We Need Volunteers

Do you have skills?  Eager to help your community?  Become a Management Committee member or join our Monday garden volunteers.

Keep an eye open for our Working Bee.

What we are working on now?

We have a water-course leak, so our MAJOR task is to restore our lake.  It's a massive project for our volunteers--and expensive--so we would really appreciate your generous donation...or advice if this is your area of expertise.

Our rave reviews

What our visitors are saying

Amazing colours. We were lucky to be there in Spring with so much out in bloom. I am on crutches and whilst not super easy...
3 weeks ago
Robert Hall
A good variety of natural flora with a wonderful bushy back drop. The place is well maintained and plenty of tourist and locals enjoying the...
a month ago
Oliver Pochettino
Beautiful spot but unfortunately due to the drought the volunteers are having an uphill battle keeping the Rhodos healthy. We hope they get some rain...
a month ago
Greg Presland
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