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The Gardens are now open...but please do not walk beyond the red tape: this is where we are working on restoration and some trees still need to be felled. 

The fire has decimated our native bushland and about one third of the Gardens area.  We have a plan, but the recovery will take time, person-power and money.  However, some azaleas, bless them, have started to bloom again as though nothing has happened. 

And with all this glorious rain, the lake is full.

What to Expect in...

A 'must visit' site in the Blue Mountains.

The Campbell Rhododendron Gardens in Blackheath is one of the Blue Mountains' most favourite venues where, uniquely, Azalea and Rhododendrons are planted amongst the native eucalypts and bushland.

The Gardens are usually colourful and picturesque all year round, and the Management Committee, with the tireless help of volunteers, will work around the clock to restore the beauty to the fire-damaged landscape.  Please help generously where you can—with time, person-power and donations.

We Need Volunteers More Than Ever

Do you have skills?  Are you eager to help your community?  Become a Management Committee member, or join our Monday Gardens volunteers...affectionately called the MonVols.

Keep an eye open for our twice-yearly  Working Bee.

What we are working on now

Since the 2019 fires, we have a great deal of MAJOR restoration work ahead...including sealing our Lake.  We recognise it's an opportunity to rethink and revamp parts of the Gardens.  However, the project is massive for our faithful volunteers—and expensive—so we really would appreciate your generous donations, or you also could join our volunteers.  Contact 

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