• It’s Spring! New leaf buds bursting on deciduous trees. Some Rhododendrons flowering, no azaleas yet! Bring a jacke…

Spring has arrived!

Mountains nights are cool, dawning to fresh mornings and warm days.

The bushes are covered with buds and a few early flowering Rhodos are opening already.

The recent rain will is making the gardens smile.

Official Open Days are drawing near and the volunteers are very busy getting things ready for your arrival.

The Gardens are open daily and the Rhodo Tea House will be open 10:00 – 4:00 every day between Saturday 29th Sept – Sunday 11th November.

It’s time to plan your visit to the ‘jewel of the Mountains’. Plan to spend hours exploring the beauty of nature before heading into the Rhodo Tea House where our volunteers are waiting to serve you.

Don’t forget to check out this year’s wonderful selection of souvenirs.


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